Gold and Gore
Main Category Tortage
Subcategory Tortage Underhalls
Quest Starts At Sakumbe
Quest Ends At Sakumbe

Objective/s •Collect Gold Rings in the Underhalls
• Give the Gold Rings to Captain Sakumbe

Reward 1695 XP

3 60

I. Plundering the Dead Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Collect Gold Rings in the Underhalls

Journal Entry Edit

Captain Sakumbe is convinced he deserves even more wealth than that which he gathers from trading in slaves. He wants me to venture into the Underhalls and find gold rings for him, looting them from the Mutilated, Ravaged and Rotting Corpses left to decompose down there.

II. Return to Captain Sakumbe Edit

Objective Edit

  • Give the Gold Rings to Captain Sakumbe

Journal Entry Edit

I've gathered the golden rings for Captain Sakumbe. Now I need only return to him in the harbor to claim my reward.

Reward Edit

  • 1695 XP

3 60

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