Quest:Garden of Cursed Mysteries

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Garden of Cursed Mysteries
Main Category Tortage daytime
Subcategory City of Tortage
Quest Starts At Laranga
Quest Ends At Laranga
Minimum Level 6

Objective/s • Slay Flesh Eaters (8)

Reward 720XP

1 6

[Flesh Ripper]

I. Bushwhacking Edit

Objectives Edit

Journal Entry Edit

Laranga wishes me to destroy the Flesh-Eater plants spreading across the Barachan Isles. These deadly plants are found in Mithrelle's garden, seemingly spreading across the islands from there.

Reward Edit


II. Return to Laranga Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Report to Laranga

Journal Entry Edit

The Flesh-Eaters are destroyed. I must return to Laranga when I am able, to collect my reward.

Reward Edit

1 6
[Flesh Ripper]

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