Quest:Gaining Strength II

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Gaining Strength II
Main Category Tortage nighttime
Subcategory Thirsty Dog Inn
Quest Starts At Arias

Minimum Level 15 (to complete)

Objective/s • See your trainer in the Thirsty Dog Inn

Reward 423

Leads To The Awakening III

I. Gaining Strength II Edit

Objectives Edit

  • See your trainer in the Thirsty Dog Inn

Journal Entry Edit

I must grow stronger and get more experience before I continue my destiny. When I've reached level 15, I will go to the Thirsty Dog Inn to meet my trainer.

Note Edit

  • For Mage archetypes, the Trainer is Cramaleico.
  • For Priest archetypes, the Trainer is Belesa.
  • For Rogue archetypes, the Trainer is Tina.
  • For Soldier archetypes, the trainer is Sigurd.

Reward Edit

  • 423 xp

Completion Edit

I grew stronger and more experienced, and returned to my trainer in the Thirsty Dog Inn.

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