Quest:Flaying Zarathus

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Quest:Flaying Zarathus
Main Category Aquilonia
Subcategory Border Range
Quest Starts At Nestor
Quest Ends At Nestor

Objective/s Get the Skin of Zarathus

Reward 6507 XP

38 82

I. Nemedian Hide Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Get the Skin of Zarathus

Journal Entry Edit

Nestor the Taxidermist has asked me to recover the skin of the Nemedian General, Zarathus. Apparently he has a special order for it and he has offered me a lot of coin for its recovery. Zarathus can be found near the border of Aquilonia and Nemedia in the Wild Lands.

II. Manhide Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Give Nestor Zarathus's Skin

Journal Entry Edit

I have killed Zarathus and completed the grisly task of removing his skin. I should deliver it to Nestor in Old Tarantia as quickly as possible.

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