Feathers for Quills
Main Category Tortage
Subcategory White Sands
Quest Starts At Bartholomo
Quest Ends At Bartholomo

Objective/s • Gather Eagle Feathers (3)
• Give the Eagle Feathers to Bartholomo

Reward 956 XP

1 77

[Dusty Painting]

I. The Barren Hills Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Gather Eagle Feathers (3)

Journal Entry Edit

Bartholomo will pay me if I bring him feathers for new quills. He says the best feathers are from the abandoned eagle nests on the White Sands Isle, on a hill behind the old Mausoleum.

Notes Edit

Barren Hill is not marked on the minimap. It can be located at coordinates 663, 506. The path is just south of Mysterious House (marked with a green dot on the map), then northward behind it. There are vines to climb to reach the area where the feathers are located.

II. Return to Bartholomo Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Give the Eagle Feathers to Bartholomo

Journal Entry Edit

I've gathered the feathers for the scribe's quills. I must bring them back to Bartholomo if I am to be paid.

Reward Edit

  • 956 xp

1 77

Completion Edit

The city's scribe Bartholomo wanted some eagle feathers for new quills, and he paid me quite well for them.

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