Quest:Fear of the Demon
Main Category Stygia
Subcategory Bubshur House
Quest Starts At Lieutenant Rami
Quest Ends At Lieutenant Rami

Objective/s • Investigate the House
• Cleans the House of Undead (13)

Reward 4431 XP

14 74

[Lieutenant's Short Bow] and
[Lieutenant's Quiver]

I. The House of the Dead Edit

Objective Edit

  • Investigate the House

Journal Entry Edit

Lieutenant Rami and his men, all soldiers of Khopshef Province, fear to enter a house because they suspect a demon has somehow drained the life-force of the family inside, turning them into undead monsters. He has implored me to enter the house and investigate. If I must, I should put the unloving family out of their misery, and cleanse the tombs of undead.

II. The Demon's Taint Edit

Objective Edit

  • Cleanse the House of Undead (13)

Journal Entry Edit

I have entered the house and seen that it is as Rami feared…there are undead everywhere. I need to kill them all and report back to Lieutenant Rami.

III. A Grim Duty Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Report back to Lieutenant Rami

Journal Entry Edit

The house is cleansed and the suffering of the dead has been ended. I need to speak with Lieutenant Rami and tell him of what I found here.

Reward Edit

  • 4431 XP

14 74

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