Quest:Fanning the Flames

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Fanning the Flames
Main Category Cimmeria
Subcategory Conall's Valley
Quest Starts At Deiric
Quest Ends At Deiric

Previous Quest Needed Butchering the Weak
Objective/s • Slaughter Vanir Flametenders(4)
• Return to Deiric
Parts 2
Reward 5842 XP

21 70

[Deiric's Reach]
Leads To Ymir's Call

I. Flames in the Valley Edit

Objectives Edit

Slaughter Vanir Flametenders (4).

Journal Entry Edit

Deiric the scout has told me of the Cimmerian signal fires, once a mechanism for warning the Cimmerians of impending attack, now used for the same purpose by their deadly enemies. Deiric has warned me that the Vanir will douse the fires at the scent of an attack, thus warning their commanders further up the valley. He has asked me to kill the Vanir Flametenders around each fire so that the Vanir Commanders will have no warning of an impending attack.

II. Smoke on the Water Edit

Objectives Edit

Return to Deiric.

Journal Entry Edit

I have killed the Vanir Flametenders and ensured that they will send no warning to their leaders if an attack is made against the fortress. I should return to Deiric and share this information.

Reward Edit

  • 5842 XP

21 70

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