Quest:Famian's Greedy Scheme

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Famian's Greedy Scheme
Main Category Aquilonia
Subcategory Thunder River
Quest Starts At Surus

Objective/s • Search for Famian
• Talk to Famian

Reward 45,890 XP

5 23 3

[Warder's Bow]

I. A Scheme Gone Wrong Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Search for Famian
  • Talk to Famian

Journal Entry Edit

I talked to Surus, who expressed concern over one of the guards. He asked me to look for a scheming guard called Famian, who secretly peddled alcohol to the prisoners on the island. Famian might have gotten into serious trouble while trying to deal with the convicts.

Surus hired me to search for Famian. I should start by looking for places he could be hiding on the western side.

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