Quest:Fabio's Predicament
Main Category Aquilonia
Subcategory Border Range
Quest Starts At Fabio
Quest Ends At Fabio
Minimum Level 28

Objective/s • Talk to Darran
• Get the Leathery Scroll

Reward 5,887xp

3 2 7
[Gem Collar]

I. The Scroll Thief Edit

Objectives Edit

Journal Entry Edit

I met a nobleman named Fabio who is in a bit of a bind, Fabio owes the wrong people money and they have kidnapped somebody close to him as incentive for him to recover a scroll on their behalf. He asked me to travel to the Wild Lands and find a man named Darran, who stole the scroll in the first place.

Hints Edit

The Nemedian Sorcerer is in the North West corner of the Border Regions; his body that is. There are a few zerg groups of Angry and Malicious Shadows. The malicious ones are minions and not to hard to kill. You will find the Scroll on the sorcerer's body after slaying the shadow's. Be warned, if you cant handle 5+mobs at once bring a friend. Mobs lvl 33 or so.

Reward Edit


II. Following the Scroll Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Get the Leathery Scroll

Journal Entry Edit

I found Darran at the tavern in Tesso, but he told me that he had sold the scroll to a Nemedian sorcerer. The transaction was made in the Border Ranges, to the south-east. Perhaps if I hurry I can catch the Nemedian and recover the scroll.

III. tba Edit

Objective Edit


Journal Entry Edit

I found the scroll that Fabio seeks, on the body of a corpse surrounded by shadows. I should return this scroll to Fabio in Old Tarantia.

Reward Edit

XP: 5,887
Money: 3 2 7
[Gem Collar]

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