Eyes of the Raven
Main Category Khemi

Quest Starts At The Spider
Quest Ends At Kesi

Objective/s • Find Kesi in Khemi

Reward 6991 XP

55 26

I. The Poisoner's Contract Edit

Objective Edit

  • Find Kesi in Khemi

Journal Entry Edit

I found a contract on the body of the poisoner known as the Spider. The contract outlines his purpose in Tarantia Noble district, providing details on how best to accomplish his tasks. The contract is signed by the mysterious "Raven" and refers to an agent, Kesi, in the Stygian port of Khemi. I also found a single black feather on the body, which seemed significant somehow. I should probably hold on to it. I should travel to the Serpents Head Inn in Khemi and confront Kesi if I wish to learn more about the Raven.

Completion Edit

When I found a contract on the body of the poisoner called the Spider, I found information about an agent of the Raven, known as Kesi. I traveled to the southern city of Khemi and spoke with Kesi, who warned me that my interference in matters had been noted. She suggested that events in the Noble District were far from as simple as they seemed, and she even seemed to applaud the fact that the Spider was dead. Kesi rewarded me for killing the Spider, but she refused to reveal any further information about the Raven. If I wish to find out more, I will need to continue investigating events in Tarantia noble District.

Rewards Edit

6991 XP
55 26

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