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Main Category Stygia
Subcategory Khopshef Province
Quest Starts At Bakr

Objective/s • Get Elder Mantis Scales (12)
• Give the Mantis Scales to Bakr

Reward 5215 xp

22 5

[Whorled Matricaria],
[Kalmath Wine], or
Leads To A Better Smith

I. Mantis Armor Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Get Elder Mantis Scales (12)

Journal Entry Edit

Bakr has decided to attempt an ambitious project. He wants to create a suit of armor from the scales of the mantis creatures in the province. I should hunt down and kill a number of elder mantis and return to Bakr with their scales. He has promised me a significant reward for helping with his vision.

II. Scales of the Mantis Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Give the Mantis Scales to Bakr

Journal Entry Edit

The elder mantis are slain and the scales are now in my possession. I will return to Bakr in Caravanserai to show him the fruits of my labor.

Reward Edit

  • 5215 xp

22 5

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