Quest:Every Strong Arm

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Every Strong Arm
Main Category Cimmeria
Subcategory Conarch Village
Quest Starts At Conarch Warrior
Quest Ends At Bronwith
Minimum Level 1

Objective/s • Report to Bronwith

Reward 900 XP

2 14

I.Lending Strength Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Report to Bronwith

Journal Entry Edit

A guard in Conarch Village told me I should go see Bronwith, the head of the Conarch guard, if I want to help with the war effort. She is usually found in the east part of the village, in front of the well at the market square. I can get there fast if I go east from the caravan area and up the slope, then left and continue north.

Reward Edit

900 XP

2 14

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