Quest:Ending the Threat

Quest Starts At Semira
Quest Ends At Semira
Minimum Level 25

Objective/s • Get [Sektep's Head]
• Give Sektep's Head to Semir

Reward 5,700xp

11 24
[Heart of Pashtun] or
[Soul of Pashtun]

I. Silencing the Dead Edit

Objectives Edit

Journal Edit

Using the journal I recovered earlier, Semira has discovered that the undead are being created and controlled by an evil lich named Sektep. Simra has asked me to kill Sektep and return to her with his head which she can use to banish the undead from Pashtun. Sektep can be found in the temple on Pashtun, no doubt heavily guarded by his undead minions.

Reward Edit


II. The Screams of Sektep Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Give Sektep's Head to Semira

Journal Edit

I have destroyed the lich Sektep and severed his head. I should return the grisly trophy to Semira who will rewards me for the recovery.

Rewards Edit

XP: 5,700
Money: 11 24
Choose one of the following:
[Heart of Pashtun] [Soul of Pashtun]

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