Quest:Empty Reserves

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Quest:Empty Reserves

Quest Starts At Alyssa
Quest Ends At Alyssa
Minimum Level ~8

Objective/s • Collect [Mushrooms] (6)
• Collect [Panther Meat] (6)
• Collect [Coconuts] (6)
• Give the [Mushrooms] to Alyssa
• Give the [Panther Meat] to Alyssa
• Give the [Coconuts] to Alyssa

I. The Fight for Food Edit

Objectives Edit

Journal Entry Edit

Tortage starves and suffers under Strom's blockade. The barmaid Alyssa needs me to find food on White Sands Isle to help supply the Thirsty Dog Inn. According to Alyssa, the panthers on the island can provide the meat, coconuts can be found by palm trees and the mushrooms are growing in the moist ground under the shadow of the old mausoleum. I can reach White Sands Isle by using the rowboat in the north of the harbor.

Reward Edit


II. Return to Alyssa Edit

Objectives Edit

Journal Entry Edit

I've gathered the food Alyssa asked of me. I must return to the Thirsty Dog Inn and give it to her.

Reward Edit

XP: 1050
Money: 1 84
Choose one of the following:
[Tavern Armbands] [Barkeep's Armband] [Doorman Brassarts]

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