Emerald Eyes
Main Category Khopshef Province
Subcategory Pyramid of the Ancients
Quest Starts At Guardian Statue

Objective/s • Find the Guardian's Left Eye
• Find the Guardian's Right Eye

I. The Forgotten Statue Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Find the Guardian's Left Eye
  • Find the Guardian's Right Eye

Journal Entry Edit

I encountered an ancient statue on the uppers floor of the pyramid. To my surprise, the statue could actually speak! It told me the story of how it was placed to guard the tomb of Lord Atum-Keket and keep it sealed. The statue told me that its eyes, two Flawless Emeralds, have been stolen by the men who walk the halls. I should find the Emeralds and help to restore the power of the Guardian Statue. I can find the Emeralds somewhere on the lower floor.

II. An Eye to the Future Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Give the Guardian its Left Eye
  • Give the Guardian its Right Eye

Journal Entry Edit

"I have recovered both of the Emeralds for the Guardian Statue. I should return to the statue and replace the Emeralds in its eye sockets. The Guardian Statue can be found on the second floor of the pyramid."

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