Quest:Domicile of Vileness
Main Category Tortage daytime
Subcategory Tortage Underhalls Day
Quest Starts At Odetta
Quest Ends At Odetta

Objective/s • Find the Lotus Box

Reward 1530 xp

2 99

[Wooden Box]

I. Lost in the Darkness Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Find the Lotus Box

Journal Entry Edit

A beggar woman called Odetta in the poor district was wracked with bitterness over losing her Lotus box in the Underhalls. I must find it and return it to her. She is certain she lost it when she fell, somewhere near a well behind the prison area.

II. Return to Odetta Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Give Odetta her Lotus Box

Journal Entry Edit

I've found Odetta's missing Lotus box in the Underhalls. I should return to her with it.

Reward Edit

  • 1530 xp

2 99

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