Demicus and Naboth
Main Category Stygia
Subcategory Khemi
Quest Starts At Demicus
Quest Ends At Demicus

Objective/s • Deliver Demicus' Research to Old Man Naboth

Reward 3348 XP

11 66


I. A Madman's Request Edit

Objective Edit

  • Deliver Demicus' Research to Old Man Naboth

Journal Entry Edit

Demicus, a scholar in the Wild Lands, has asked me to deliver a bundle of his notes to Naboth in Khopshef Province. Demicus received a threatening letter that demanded his "power". He wasn't certain what it meant, but he thought it best to keep the wizard who demanded it appeased. Thus I am to travel south with his research to appease Naboth.

Reward Edit

3348 XP
11 66

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