Quest:Death to the Black Dragon

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Death to the Black Dragon
Main Category Cimmeria
Subcategory Atzel's Fortress
Quest Starts At King Conan
Quest Ends At King Conan

Objective/s • Kill Black Dragon Magnus

Reward 79,115 XP

8 75 19

Choose one of these:
[Recruit's Vigor]
[Recruit's Potency]

I. A Traitor's Fate Edit

Objective Edit

  • Kill Black Dragon Magnus

Journal Entry Edit

Before King Conan's rule, a man by the name of Magnus had worked his way into the upper ranks of the Black Dragon. This man has been charged with treason against the king.

I've been commanded to hunt him down in the cold north of Atzel's Approach. Magnus still wears his Black Dragon armor, and Conan will not have him dishonoring everything they stand for. He is to be killed if found.

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