Crom's Champion
Main Category Aquilonia
Subcategory Armsman's Tavern
Quest Starts At Mendark
Quest Ends At Mendark

Objective/s •Speak to Luco in the Armsman's Tavern

Reward 6535 XP

48 76

Leads To Obtaining the Noble Arena Key

I. Shattered Ambition Edit

Objective Edit

  • Speak to Luco in the Armsman's Tavern

Journal Entry Edit

Near the entrance to the Field of the Dead, I encountered a strange Zingaran mercenary named Mendark. Mendark was feeling worse for wear after an encounter with the Vanir left his arms and legs broken. He told me of his earlier ambition to travel south to the Armsman Tavern in Tarantia and compete in the arena there, and told me that if I was interested in competing, I should talk to a man named Luco. I can find the Armsman Tavern in Tarantia Noble District.

Completion Edit

Mendark, a Zingaran mercenary, told of the existence of an arena for fighters in Tarantia. Acting on his advice I traveled south to Tarantia Noble District and the Armsman Tavern, where I spoke to a bouncer named Luco. Luco denies knowing Mendark, but I know he is hiding something...

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