Quest:Commander Ramartarsi

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Quest:Commander Ramartarsi
Main Category Stygia
Subcategory Khemi
Quest Starts At Captain Nut
Quest Ends At Captain Nut

Objective/s • Deliver a Report to Commander Ramartarsi
• Report back to Captain Nut

Reward 5215 xp

22 5

I. The Captain's Report Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Deliver a Report to Commander Ramartarsi

Journal Entry Edit

Now that the slave rebellion has finally ended, Captain Nut has asked me to deliver his report to his superior in Khemi, Commander Ramartarsi. Ramartarsi can be found in his room at the Serpent's Head Inn. He is staying in room number seven.

II. Insult to Injury Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Report back to Captain Nut

Journal Entry Edit

Captain Nut's report did not go over as well as he expected. Now I must return to Khopshef Province and let him know what I was told.

Reward Edit

  • 5215 xp

22 5

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