Clearing the Ridge
Main Category Cimmeria
Subcategory Atzel's Approach
Quest Starts At Sagan
Quest Ends At Sagan

Objective/s • Slay the Ravenous Ice Worm
• Talk to Sagan

Reward 92449 XP

10 16 84

Quest Comment:
Sagan is found behind Atzel's Fortress (768.0 901.0)

I. Rage on the Ridge Edit

Objective Edit

  • Slay the Ravenous Ice Worm

Journal Entry Edit

I met an Aquilonian named Sagan. He told me he climbs hills in search of treasure, which is a dangerous affair here in Atzel's Approach. To help him out I have offered to kill a ravenous ice worm on a tall ridge nearby.

II. Return to Sagan Edit

Objective Edit

  • Return to Sagan

Journal Entry Edit

I managed to kill the ravenous ice worm! Sagan is waiting for the good news at the camp below.

Rewards Edit

92449 XP

10 16 84

Choice of: [Snakeswift Padsoles], [Heartsgirth Girdle], [Forestwalkers], [Battlebrace], or [Wolfsteel Sabatons]

Completion Edit

An Aquilonian hill climber called Sagan required my assistance today. I went up on a tall ridge and killed a ravenous ice worm, to make the area slightly safer for him to explore.

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