Quest:Cleansing the Tomb

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Cleansing the Tomb
Main Category Cimmeria
Subcategory Toirdealbach's Tomb
Quest Starts At The Spirit of Leannan
Quest Ends At The Spirit of Leannan

Objective/s • Kill Toirdealbach

• Return to the Spirit of Leannan

Reward 14,079 XP

1 24 7

Choose one of these:

I. Toirdealbach's Final Battle Edit

Objective Edit

  • Kill Toirdealbach

Journal Entry Edit

The dread specter Toirdealbach must be destroyed. The spirit of Leannan has asked me to be the one to fell this great threat to the Field of the Dead, and I have accepted this grim duty. Toirdealbach's Tomb can be found in the mountains to the north.

II. Victory in Numbers Edit

Objective Edit

  • Return to the Spirit of Leannan

Journal Entry Edit

The terrible specter, Toirdealbach, has been destroyed by my hands. I must return to Leannan to tell him of this victory.

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