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Cimmerian Blue Steel
Main Category Tortage day
Subcategory Tortage Underhalls Day
Quest Starts At Redrik
Quest Ends At Redrik

Objective/s • Talk to Turach
• Collect the Cimmerian Blue Steel Bars
• Give the Blue Steel to Captain Redrik

Reward 2010 XP

4 43

Leads To A Deadly Message

I. The Cimmerian Blacksmith Edit

Objective Edit

  • Talk to Turach

Journal Entry Edit

Captain Redrik has fallen victim to thieves again! This time he is certain the blacksmith Turach is to blame. I need to speak with the blacksmith outside the walls of Tortage by the lava dam and see what he has to say about this matter.

II. Steel and Blood Edit

Objective Edit

  • Collect the Cimmerian Blue Steel Bars

Journal Entry Edit

Turach is innocent of the theft. He claims Redrik's Cimmerian Blue Steel was taken by thieves hiding out in the Underhalls beneath the wine cellar of Mitra's temple. I need to investigate this for myself and see if there is any truth in his words.

III. Return to Captain Redrik =Edit

Objective Edit

  • Give the Blue Steel to Captain Redrik

Journal Entry Edit

I found Redrik's stolen steel in the clutches of Underhall thieves, just as Turach assured me. I need to return to Redrik and inform him of the truth of the matter.

Rewards Edit

  • 2010 XP

4 43

Completion Edit

Captain Redrik demanded that I find his stolen Cimmerian Blue Steel. He blames his old companion Turach for the theft.I spoke with Turach and discovered that the blacksmith was not to blame. The theft was the work of thieves operating from a base in the Underhalls. After recovering Redrik's steel, I returned it to him with the truth that Turach was not to blame.

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