Brindled Leather
Main Category Tradeskills
Subcategory Skinner

Minimum Level 20

Objective/s • Gather Brindled Leather
• Hand in Brindled Leather

Leads To Calloused Leather

I. Gather Brindled Leather Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Gather Brindled Leather

Journal Entry Edit

If I prove my worth by gathering enough brindled leather, the skinner promised to help me further my training.

Brindled leather is a rare resource which can drop from the same animals that drop rough leather.

II. Hand in Brindled Leather Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Hand in Brindled Leather

Journal Entry Edit

Reward Edit

  • 3736 xp

Notes Edit

  • As with all resource gathering quests, this quest can be started at any of the three trainers (Iathos in Poitain, Athar in Lacheish Plains, or Setaura in Purple Lotus Swamp). It can be turned in to any of these NPCs as well (and a character does not have to turn-in the quest to the same NPC with whom they began it). The quest for Rough Leather must be completed before this one can be begun.
  • Only [Brindled Leather] personally looted by the character will count toward completion of this quest. Purchased or traded Brindled Leather will not count.
  • The character must have one Brindled Leather in inventory when they go to turn in the quest. If they have completed the gathering phase but, for some reason, do not have a Brindled Leather in inventory, the trainer will have a greyed-out query mark over their head.
  • Brindled Leather is primarily gathered from animal and prey-class creatures of levels 20 to 40. There are many scattered through the harvesting zones, and several in each of the newbie zones too. Best Brindled Leather harvesting rates are reported for the diseased bears of Wild Lands of Zelata, and the beakers of Purple Lotus Swamp.

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