Quest:Bloodsilver Mace and Bloodsilver Heavy Bludgeon

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Quest:Bloodsilver Mace and Bloodsilver Heavy Bludgeon

Quest Starts At Weaponsmith Trainer
Quest Ends At Weaponsmith Trainer
Minimum Level 40

Objective/s • Make a Bloodsilver Mace
• Make a Bloodsilver Heavy Bludgeon

Reward 2178

Quest Comment:
One of the seven Tier 1 weaponsmithing quests.

Quest Description Edit

I. Making the Bloodsilver Mace and Bloodsilver Heavy Bludgeon

"The weaponsmith trainer taught me how to make a bloodsilver mace and a bloodsilver heavy bludgeon. The book of crafting recipes lists the components each item should be made of, and the quantities that I will need to craft the items.

As payment for teaching me, the weaponsmith trainer asked that I hand in a sample of each item I craft. When I have done so, the weaponsmith trainer will help me further my training."

Materials Required Edit

[Bloodsilver Mace]

[Bloodsilver Heavy Bludgeon]

Total Raw Materials: 12 Copper, 12 Silver, 12c

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