Blood of the Serpent
Main Category Stygia
Subcategory Khemi
Quest Starts At Naboth
Quest Ends At Naboth
Minimum Level 20+

Objective/s • Get Sacred Serpent Blood
• Return to Old Man Naboth with Sacred Serpent Blood

Reward 4464 XP

15 55

I. A Bottle of Blood Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Get Sacred Serpent Blood

Journal Edit

Old Man Naboth has talked me into traveling to Khemi to buy a bottle of Sacred Serpent Blood from an animal vendor in the Souk. Since harming serpents is punishable by death in Stygia, I will have to be very careful how I ask for this blood in the middle of an open market.

Rewards Edit

none for this step

II. More Precious Than Gold Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Return to Old Man Naboth with Sacred Serpent Blood

Journal Edit

I paid for the Sacred Serpent Blood; now I must deliver it to Naboth so he can continue work on his divine serpent guardians.

Rewards Edit

XP: 4800
Money: 72 16

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