Blood and Venom
Main Category Cimmeria
Subcategory Conall's Valley
Quest Starts At Veloz Da Neva

Previous Quest Needed Hunting for Valoz
Objective/s • Get Poisonous Glands (20)
• Deliver Poisonous Glands

Reward 4464 XP

15 55

I. Disembowling Bloodspiders Edit

Objectives Edit

Get Poisonous Glands (20).

Journal Entry Edit

Valoz da Neva has asked me to hunt for bloodspiders up in the hills. Apparently he has some use for their poison glands

II. Da Neva's Greed Edit

Objectives Edit

Deliver Poisonous Glands.

Journal Entry Edit

I have fought a score of bloodspiders and cut out their poisonous glands. The payment had better be worth the trouble!

Reward Edit

  • 4464 XP

15 55

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