Quest:Blood and Sweat

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Blood and Sweat

Minimum Level 20

Objective/s • Talk to Rhiderch/Scrya/Sharak (level 30)

Reward 5553 XP

Leads To Quest:The Phoenix of the South

This 'quest' is part of the Destiny series and comes in three versions for Aquilonian, Stygian and Cimmerian characters.

I.The Abyss of The Mind Edit

Objectives Edit

  • (Cimmerian characters only) Talk to Rhiderch (level 30)
  • (Aquilonian characters only) Talk to Scrya (level 30)
  • (Stygian characters only) Talk to Sharak (level 30)

Journal Entry Edit

Rhiderch/Scrya/Sharak can not help me until I am stronger and more experienced. I must return to him/her in Conarch village/Old Tarantia/Khemi as soon as I am ready. (Level 30)

Reward Edit

5553 XP

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