Quest:Ancient Weapons

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Ancient Weapons
Main Category Cimmeria
Subcategory Toirdealbach's Tomb
Quest Starts At Diarmad
Quest Ends At Diarmad

Objective/s • Get Ancient Weapons

• Give the Ancient Weapons to Diarmad

Reward 19,943 XP

1 99 99

I. Collecting the weapons Edit

Objective Edit

  • Get Ancient Weapons (0/10)

Journal Entry Edit

Diarmad, the Cimmerian warrior by the beacon in the eastern Field of the Dead, needs an edge against the Vanir invaders. He wishes me to enter Toirdealbach's Tomb in the northern mountains, and return with some of the Ancient Swords carried by the specters there. Diarmad believes these tainted blades can be put to good use spilling Vanir blood.

II. Making the delivery Edit

Objective Edit

  • Give the Ancient Weapons to Diarmad

Journal Entry Edit

I've gathered the blades Diarmad asked for. All that remains is for me to leave this wretched tomb and return to the warrior by the beacon.

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