Quest:An Impending Attack

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An Impending Attack
Main Category Cimmeria
Subcategory Conall's Valley
Quest Starts At Kern Wolfeye

Objective/s • Slay Vanir Sentinels (9);
Get Torgvall's Severed Head;
Slay Vanir Runecasters (4)

I. Beheading the Battlemaster Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Slay Vanir Sentinels (9).
  • Get Torgvall's Severed Head.
  • Slay Vanir Runecasters (4).

Journal Entry Edit

I must go to the Battlemaster's camp west of where Kern has set up camp and let the blood from the Vanir flow freely. I must also sever Battlemaster Torgvall's head from his shoulders as preparation for a message to Torin Chieftain.

II. Edit

Objectives Edit

Journal Entryi Edit

III. Edit

Objectives Edit

Journal Entry Edit

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