Quest:Aelfrith's Camp

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Aelfrith's Camp
Main Category Cimmeria
Subcategory Atzel's Approach
Quest Starts At Thracius
Quest Ends At Esperan

Objective/s • Give the book to Esperan

Reward 42,328 XP and

4 86 26

I. Commentaries on Invading Forces Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Give the Book to Esperan

Journal Entry Edit

Thracius gave me a book called Comments on Invading Forces. It seems a man called Esperan in Atzel's Approach also have his share of problems and might need my help.

I can find him in Cimmeria, the cold land in the north. Esperan runs a camp there belonging to a bandit woman called Aelfrith.

Reward Edit

42,328 XP

4 86 26

Completion Edit

Thracius gave me a book called Comments on Invading Forces, which I brought to Esperan in Atzel's Approach. He had his share of problems with invading foes and rewarded me for bringing me the book.

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