Quest:A Woman's Scorn

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Quest:A Woman's Scorn
Main Category Aquilonia
Subcategory Outflow Tunnels
Quest Starts At Vesta
Quest Ends At Vesta

Objective/s • Kill Darkhand Gang Members (20);
Get the Jewelled Necklace;
Kill Xanarius Darkhand
• Return to Vesta
Parts 2
Reward 7946 XP

49 93

A Dead Lover Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Kill Darkhand Gang Members (20).
  • Get the Jewelled Necklace.
  • Kill Xanarius Darkhand.

Journal Entry Edit

Vesta, who I met outside the on the outskirts of Tarantia, told me the grim tale of her man Cantrix's death. He was killed by the Darkhand gang, after he transported some goods for them to their hideout in the sewers beneath Old Tarantia. Vesta has asked me to avenge his death by killing members of the Darkhand gang and their leader, Xanarus Darkhand. She also asked me to recover the Jewelled Necklace that Cantirx was to receive as payment for his last job.

The entrance to the Outflow Tunnels can be found at the docks.

Notes Edit

  • Though the Journal text says that Vesta is outside the tavern, she is actually inside it.
  • Though the quest calls it the "Drivers Tavern", the inn (located on the docks) is actually named the Sailor's Den.
  • Xenarius Darkhand drops the necklace when he is killed.

The Stench of Revenge Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Return to Vesta.

Journal Entry Edit

Entering the filthy outflow tunnels beneath Old Tarantia, I fought my way through the many beasts that have made their home there. Eventually I reached Xanarus and his gang – I swiftly deprived them of their lives and the Jeweled Necklace that Vesta desires. I should return to Vesta with the bounty.

Vesta will be waiting outside the Drivers Tavern on the outskirts of Tarantia.

Notes Edit

  • Again, Vesta is inside the Sailor's Den, not outside it.

Reward Edit

  • 7946 XP

49 93

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