Quest:A Matter of Pride

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A Matter of Pride
Main Category Aquilonia
Subcategory Wild Lands of Zelata
Quest Starts At Ignacio
Quest Ends At Ignacio

Objective/s • Find the Plague Bandit Leader
• Give Pelinthus' Bloody Sword to Ignacio

Reward 4600 XP

21 92

I. A Bandit Chief Edit

Objective Edit

  • Find the Plague Bandit Leader

Journal Entry Edit

Ignacio of Tesso chafes at the command that he is not to track down and kill the Plague Bandits roaming in the northern Wild Lands. I offered to kill their leader for him and Ignacio agreed to the proposal, asking me to bring back the Leader's Sword as proof that my mission has been accomplished.

II. The Chaotic Twin Edit

Objective Edit

  • Give Pelinthus' Bloody Sword to Ignacio

Journal Entry Edit

I found Pelinthus, the Plague Bandit Leader, but after speaking with him it became clear that he is Ignacio's twin brother. They were separated while very young when Pelinthus contracted the plague. Pelinthus has asked me to take his blood soaked sword to Ignacio and pretend that he is dead… He does not want me to reveal his true identity. I can find Ignacio in Tesso, by the main gate.

Reward Edit

4600 XP
21 92

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