Quest:A Harrowing Journey

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Quest:A Harrowing Journey

Quest Starts At Calleo
Quest Ends At Calleo
Minimum Level  ?

Objective/s • Recover Valoz's saddlebags
• Deliver the saddlebags to Calleo

Reward 4981 XP

Leads To A Beloved Friend

I. An Errand Gone Awry Edit

Objectives Edit

Recover Valoz's saddlebags.

Journal Entry Edit

Riding back with a delivery for his master, Calleo was attacked by a pack of wolves. His horse was killed, but he managed to escape with his life. A group of Yetis drove away the wolves and wandered off with the saddlebags full of produce. Calleo has asked me to recover the saddlebags and spare him a beating from his master.

Notes Edit

The saddlebags can be found under the rock overhang amongst the yetis (location 600,225).

Reward Edit


II. A Child's Treasure Edit

Objectives Edit

Deliver the saddlebags to Calleo.

Journal Entry Edit

I have recovered the stolen saddlebags. I should return them to Calleo at the camp to the north.

Reward Edit

13 32

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