Quest:A Discerning Eye

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A Discerning Eye
Main Category Khopshef Province
Subcategory Pyramid of the Ancients
Quest Starts At Deli

Objective/s • Collect Eyeballs (100)
• Deliver the Eyeballs to Deli

Reward 9193 XP
[Shiny Jewel]

I. Eyes for Pies Edit

Objective Edit

  • Collect Eyeballs (100)

Journal Entry Edit

In the Pyramid of the Ancients, I met a strange fellow named Deli. Deli is obviously insane and claims that he only eats eyes. He asked me to bring him eyeballs, and in exchange he will trade me the "shiny" that he found. I should collect a good number of eyeballs from throughout the Pyramid and bring them back to Deli to claim my prize.

II. A Shiny Prize Edit

Objective Edit

  • Deliver the Eyeballs to Deli

Journal Entry Edit

I have amassed a large collection of eyeballs from the denizens of the pyramid, surely enough to satisfy Deli's unnatural appetite. I should carry the Eyeballs back to Deli, near the entrance to the Pyramid.

Rewards Edit

9193 XP
[Shiny Jewel]

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