Quest:A Deadly Message
Main Category Tortage day
Subcategory Tortage Underhalls Day
Quest Starts At Redrik
Quest Ends At Redrik

Objective/s • Retrieve Redrik's Map

Reward 2940 XP

6 85

[Redrik's Cudgel] or
[Redrik's Metal Buckler]

I. The Underhalls Thieves Edit

Objective Edit

  • Retrieve Redrik's Map

Journal Entry Edit

Captain Redrik's patience is at an end. Thieves from the Underhalls have stolen his sea chart and he is unable to sail without it. He wants a final message sent to the thieves. I'm tasked with slaying them and returning with Redrik's map, taking it from one of their bodies. I must venture into the Underhalls, deeper than before to find it.

II. Return to Captain Redrik Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Give the Map to Captain Redrik

Journal Entry Edit

The thieves are slain and I have Redrik's sea chart. I should return it to the captain as soon as I can.

Reward Edit

  • 2940 xp

6 85

Completion Edit

Redrik had fallen victim to thieves again, they had stolen one of his sea charts this time and he feared they were coming for his ship next. I slew two of them in the Underhalls, returning with Redrik's map.

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