A Deadly Contract
Main Category Stygia
Subcategory Kheshatta
Quest Starts At Tali
Quest Ends At Tuktopet

Objective/s • Deliver Letter to Tuktopet

Reward 61,685 XP

7 3 15

I. Undesirable Letter Edit

Objective Edit

  • Deliver Letter to Tuktopet

Journal Entry Edit

A death letter arrived in Tali's hands not long ago for a man she wishes not to kill. She turned down the contract, but knows that the ones seeking his end will not stop at her. Letters have likely been sent to several contacts just in case one might turn them down. She wished to give Tuktopet warning, as the only thing she could do to assist him.

I offered to take the letter to Tuktopet. She told me that he is a Stygian priest and can usually be found standing at one of the temples in Kheshatta City.

Completion Edit

Journal Entry Edit

This must be a grim day for Tuktopet. Receiving notice that your head is wanted on a pike is never something one wants to hear. He took it well though, and a man of his stature has the means to fend off any unwanted attention.

Tuktopet thanked me, and seemed grateful to know the shadows may not be safe.

Reward Edit

61,685 XP
7 3 15

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