A Brother's Vengeance
Main Category Tortage daytime
Subcategory Acheronian Ruins
Quest Starts At Otho
Quest Ends At Otho

Objective/s • Find human remains on Demonic Pict
• Return to Otho

Reward 870 XP

1 40

[Pirate Cutlass]
Leads To Unholy Magic

I. A Brother's Vengeance Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Find human remains on Demonic Pict

Journal Entry Edit

Otho, an Aquilonian pirate, wants me to kill one of the mix-blood Demonic Picts stalking the wilds. He says they can be found in the Acheronian ruins, across the lava river, on the right hand path of the crossroads. I should return with evidence of whether these creatures eat human flesh or not.

II. Justice for Otho Edit

Objective Edit

  • Return to Otho

Journal Entry Edit

The Demonic Pict is slain, and I have found a skull on its corpse, still with shreds of flesh attached. I should return this evidence to Otho.

Otho is in the Thirsty Dog Inn, in the city of Tortage.

Reward Edit

  • 870 XP

1 40

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