Quest:A Beloved Friend

Quest Starts At Calleo
Quest Ends At Calleo
Minimum Level  ?
Previous Quest Needed A Harrowing Journey
Objective/s • Kill the Alpha Wolf
• Return to Calleo

Reward 3736

I. An Errand Gone Awry Edit

Objectives Edit

Kill the Alpha Wolf.

Journal Entry Edit

Calleo the errand boy has asked me to avenge the death of his best friend, Horse. Horse was pulled down by a pack of wolves when Calleo was riding him home to his master and Calleo saw the largest wolf tear out Horse's throat. I should find and kill the wolf and return to Calleo.

Notes Edit

This quest is opened by first completing the quest, A Harrowing Journey. The Alpha Wolf is named Aldtanrir, and can be found beneath the rock overhand just off the road near location 350, 160.

Reward Edit


II. Blood of the Wolf Edit

Objectives Edit

Return to Calleo.

Journal Entry Edit

I have killed the wolf in its den where the half-eaten corpse of Horse lay rotting. I should return to Calleo and tell him that his revenge is complete.

Reward Edit

9 99

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