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Pyran Guild Edit

Pyran has opened it's recruitment gates today. We're looking for a few talented PvPers to join our ranks.

About Us

Pyran is a longstanding guild of friends who've played MMO's together for many years.

We've players from SWG, DaoC, WoW, Fury. We've ran some of the best premades EU has to offer and have a wealth in PvP battlground, arena and tactical experience.


-Ventrilo and Microphone -Experienced PvPer -Sense of Humour -Preferably aged 21+, other exceptional applications may be considered -Fluent in the English Language both listening and speaking

What we can offer

-Pyran will run more like a PvP team than a guild so the traditional structures of GMs, officers and minions won't apply. We value everyones opinion and experience. -All major decisions will be taken by the Team as a whole. -Security, maturity, fun, experience, friendship, respect. -We fight together, we die together.

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