Purple Lotus Swamp
Region Stygia
Type Resource and Building
Connections Kheshatta
Khopshef Province
Border to Kush
Dungeons Oasis of Zaara

In southern Stygia, the great deserts finally break into patches of stinking marshland with tropical trees poking from the unfarmable earth.

If one journeys further south, the marshlands turn thicker, the trees grow denser, until a traveller stands on the edge of the Black Kingdoms and the true jungles of those mysterious lands.

Between Stygia’s hostile deserts and the impenetrable jungles of the Black Kingdoms, the Purple Lotus Swamp spreads like a tropical smear across the realm. It is named and known for the beautiful, valuable flower that grows here and nowhere else in Hyboria. Large marsh snakes glide underneath the silt-darkened water, ready to drag wanderers down into a drowning doom. Deep tar pits dot the landscape, filled with the bones of the unwary.

The Purple Lotus flower is dear to the hearts of sorcerers and assassins alike. For the former, it is a narcotic to enhance meditation, for the latter, an aid to killing. Consuming a potion made from Purple Lotus petals leaves the imbiber paralyzed for many hours, though he remains awake and aware of his surroundings. Accordingly, the swamp is often home to bands of lotus-hunters, seeking the blooms for various purposes arcane or nefarious in nature – most often both.

In recent months, the swamp is claimed as hunting lands by the Asitambuke tribe of Darfar. These hunters are led by the beautiful, powerful shaman Wub – a priestess of the serpent god Damballah – with the slitted gold eyes of a serpent. Anyone venturing through the Purple Lotus Swamp is sure to run afoul of the Black Kingdoms clan at some point.

Resource and Gathering Area Edit

The Purple Lotus Swamp is a Resource and Building Area. Essentially, this means that it is an area where you can find an abundance of resources and places suitable for City Building.

Quests starting in Purple Lotus Swamp Edit

(lvl)Quest name Steps in this zone Other zones involved Startup action / prerequisites
(17) Nakaset Village I - Talk to Zemo
(35) The Eyes of the dead - Talk to the Cartographer after completing Forgotten Treasure
TBD (level 40) TBD TBD (Oasis of Zaara) Talk to Cadonius
TBD (level 40) TBD TBD (Oasis of Zaara) Talk to Okion

Quests involving Purple Lotus Swamp Edit

NPCs Edit

Name Location Role(s)
Atet (974.4, 1239.1)
  • Sells Cerusa Powder for 5c, one of the ingredients needed for step II of the quest (?) Shedding Torment
Auguset (1209.2, 1162.0)
  • Miner Trainer
Bnush (1191.9, 1144.9)
  • Gemcutter Trainer
Cadonius (1374.6, 732.0)
Cartographer (1194.0, 1047.9)
Daihascut (1232.2, 999.8)
  • Purple Lotus Swamp city guide (travel to guild instance)
Djemer (1042, 1086)
Ethi (1186.8, 1230.9
  • Weaponsmith Trainer
Gera (1200.4, 1058.2)
  • Propspector Trainer
Knapsa (1168.8, 1207.7)
  • Merchant
Mekhtet (135.7, 290.1)
Meshotep (1117.3, 1103.0)
  • Stonecutter Trainer
Neseptor (1165.1, 1159.8)
  • Woodcutter Trainer
Okion (1377.0, 730.1)
Otanesh (1009.9, 1230.9)
  • Architect Trainer
Pefini (138.1, 289.9)
Setaura (1056.1, 1174.9)
  • Skinner Trainer
Tespet (1156.7, 1142.8)
  • Weaver Trainer
Zemo (1380.1, 730.2)

Node Listing Edit

Resource and Gathering Nodes

Media Edit

Resource and Gathering areas
Purple Lotus SwampLacheish PlainsPoitain

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