Purification of Mitra (spell)

Class Priest of Mitra
Level first available 30
Max rank 2
Mana Cost 47 at Max Level
Targeting Mode Friendly Personal Spell

Casting Time 3 seconds

Recast 10 seconds
Effect Purification of Mitra buff on the priest

Duration 1 hour
This spell grants a buff called Purification of Mitra, which while active cause invoking Emanation of Life or Wave of Life to cost slightly more mana but place a Damage over Time debuff called Purifying Light on enemies within ? meters of the priest. This spell cannot be run with Light of Mitra.

Purification of Mitra is a Priest of Mitra spell which can be gained by training the Purification of Mitra feat.


  • The Purifying Light debuff cause a certain amount of magic holy damage every 2 seconds for 7 seconds.

This table shows the mana cost for activating the the Purification of Mitra buff, as well as the extra mana cost for casting Wave of Life or Emanation of Life while the buff is active and the damage from the Purifying Light debuff per tic.

Level 30 80
Mana cost ? 47
Extra mana cost (rank 1/2) 30/38 30/38
Damage per tic (rank 1) 28-33 71-86
Damage per tic (rank 2) 37-45 95-115
  • The Purifying Light debuff gain 0.125 damager per Magic Damage (Holy).

Related featsEdit

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