Rank Level Mana Cost Damage Reduction Shield Health
1 5 60 +19.9 298
2 25 270 +39.3 628
3 40 395 +66.8 1135
4 55 515 +87.4 1572
5 70 660 +92 1840
Protection of Set
Protection of set icon
Class Demonologist

Targeting Mode Friendly Personal Spell

Casting Time 2 seconds

Recast 20 seconds
Effect + Damage reduction per hit on absorb shield
Creates a shield absorbing hitpoints

Effect over time Creates a shield absorbing hitpoints every 25 seconds

Duration 5 minutes
This sorcery calls upon the powers of the Stygian elder snake to protect the demonologist and their party. It protects against damage, absorbing the first few points of damage from each hit. There is a maximum amount of damage that can be absorbed before the spell fails.

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