General Information Edit

This profession will allow a character to gather the ores used for Armorsmithing and Weaponsmithing. The harvesting quests are divided into 6 tiers, each with level requirements.

Tier Level Item Needed Quantity
1 20 [Silver] 20
2 20 [Blackened Silver] 1
3 50 [Electrum] 20
4 50 [Illustrium] 1
5 70 [Gold] 20
6 70 [Platinum] 1

Trainers Edit

Acquiring Resources Edit

  • First visit the Resource and Gathering Nodes page and install the XML file. This will make gathering a whole lot easier.
  • Each collection of a standard resource will draw 10% of resources available while each collection of a rare resource will draw 20% off it. Resources gain 1% per minute (or thereabouts).
  • Being guilded gives a character access to their guild instance which is shared across three guilds. Compared to the regular instance (where anyone can enter), only guild members can access this instance. Therefore, nearly all the time a harvester will be alone or with another person in the zone, greatly increasing the amount of resource available to harvest.

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