Prestige classes have been removed from the game. Players can no longer choose a Prestige class, nor can they obtain the bonuses associated with one. Players have access to any crafting class.

This article describes the Prestige classes as they were originally intended.

Guilds will be a very important part of Age of Conan and the Prestige class system allows players to provide benefits and improvements to their guild in a way not seen before in an MMO. This system allows players to be truly engaged in the well-being and strength of their guild like never before. Everyone will have a true interest in helping support and grow their guilds whilst also getting personal benefits along the way!

There are four prestige classes that players can choose from: Lord, Commander, Crafter or Master. Each brings something very different to the guild and players will have a real choice to make in terms of how they want to benefit their guild.

In this update we mention the four types of resources. Everyone can extract the four types: Gold Nuggets, Iron Ore, Wood and Stone. They are used for building houses in the Guild Villages, in the building of Battle Keeps in the Massive PvP areas and finally for Crafting. If you are guilded you get resource extraction bonuses which goes to a guild repository, and which can be used by everyone. If you are not in a guild, you must gather all your own resources.

Only one character per account will give the Prestige Bonuses to the guild, so you can't stack ALT's in the guild.

You can choose your Prestige class at level 20.

Prestige Class Comparison

Class Lord Commander Crafter Master
Professions Architect - Alchemy Weaponsmithing Up to 3 Professions Armorsmithing
Gathering Bonuses Gold Iron Ore Wood Stone
Unique Buildings Guard Towers Barracks Crafting Premises (smithies, etc.) Stables
Other Bonuses Increases XP gained by guild members (up to 20) Has access to special battle formations
Increases number of slots in party by one per commander (up to 4)
Can craft sixth-tier items. Can have one follower, which amongst other things can harvest while the player is offline. *see note below

Note Edit

Dev Quote on Topic: Oneiros, I'm not sure if we will still have the resource gathering ability for the master prestige class... since we've changed the way resources work a bit since, it may not work in the current system. I can look into it.

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