Potion Merchants sell potions of different level ranges to players.
The most common potions can also be created by Alchemists.

Potion Merchants by Region Edit


Isobel [Alchemist]
Butterfly (Night time only)


Caeca [Potion Merchant] in Tarantia Noble District
Baltha [Fine Potions] in Old Tarantia
Decimus [Grand Potions] in Old Tarantia
Violeta [Master Potions] in Old Tarantia
Appia [Potion Merchant] in Wild Lands of Zelata



Beltopet [Fine Potions] in Khemi
Kalbela [Grand Potions] in Khemi
Nathifa [Master Potions] in Khemi
Nekhbet [Fine Potions] in Khopshef Province
Nektep [Fine Potions] in Khopshef Province
Chaths [Master Potions] in Kheshatta
Serapis [Master Potions] in Kheshatta

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