Poitain is a proud part of Aquilonia and a land with a strong identity and heritage.

"…the tall rich grass waved upon the plains where grazed the horses and cattle for which Poitain was famed. Palm trees and orange groves smiled in the sun, and the gorgeous purple and gold and crimson towers of castles and cities reflected the golden light. It was a land of warmth and plenty, of beautiful men and ferocious warriors." Robert E Howard - Hour of the Dragon

Poitain is a lush and fertile region, rich in game and natural resources from metal ore to hardwood forests. As such it has naturally drawn prospectors, miners and trappers and small rich communities of artisans and craftsmen are commonplace.

Poitain is a proud part of Aquilonia and a land with a strong identity and heritage. Bordered by Zingara, Argos and Ophir it has always fought against its jealous neighbors and has had to defend its vast wealth of natural resources. In the past it has also resisted the rule of the Aquilonian throne, but this past has been all but forgotten and its loyalty to King Conan is unshakable. Along with Bossonia and Gunderland it is a proud part of Aquilonia and stands ready to aid in the defense of the realm.

It is famed for its knights and heavy cavalry and there is no more awe inspiring sight than ten thousand knights of Poitain riding under the golden leopard banner, such as when King Conan led them at the head of his army in the war against the vile sorcerer Xaltotun. In fact, the region was a key part of King Conan's success in recapturing his kingdom and the exploits of that battle and the action of those knights has passed into legend.

Quests starting in Poitain Edit

  • None

Quests involving Poitain Edit

NPCs Edit

Name Location Role(s)
Aemias (1360.6, 1508.2)
  • Stonecutter trainer
Brienne (1251.8, 1480.2)
  • Weaver trainer
Ciella (1507.5, 1463.7)
Diodorus (1285.1, 1464.9)
  • Poitain City Guide (travel to guild instance)
Eleonora (1323.5, 1547.0)
  • Alchemist trainer
Iathos (1304.4, 1542.4)
  • Skinner trainer
Larozzo (1270.6, 1540.8)
  • Weaponsmith trainer
Nevander (1322.3, 1561.4)
  • Armorsmith trainer
Nicon (1353, 1517)
Obenathis (709.1, 1653.7)
Penth (712.1, 1652.8)
Polen (1269.1, 1488.7)
  • Gemcutter trainer
Rikelle (1302.3, 1509.3)
  • Architect trainer
Serathos (1502.7, 1471.1)
Simione (1286.0, 1495.7)
  • Prospector trainer
Taromus (1289.9, 1553.4)
  • Woodcutter trainer
Umma (1285.2, 1476.4)
  • Merchant
Yvanno (1277.8, 1521.6)
  • Miner trainer

Node Listing Edit

Resource and Gathering Nodes

Media Edit

Resource and Gathering areas
Purple Lotus SwampLacheish PlainsPoitain

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