Pillars of Heaven
Level 80
Region Khitai
Zone Northern Grasslands
Boss Count 4
End Boss Bhangi Khan
Player Limit 6

Pillars of Heaven is a 6 man instanced dungeon found in the Northern Grasslands near the Wolves of the Steppes camp in the Northeast.

Lore Edit

Bhangi Khan has made camp in the dry, north-eastern part of Northern Grasslands. His stronghold is in an old, abandoned temple called the Pillars of Heaven – one of the major new dungeons featured in the expansion. The Pillars of Heaven were carved from the rock of the Khitan Escarpment in the dim mists of prehistory. There are no records as to who, or what, was responsible for their construction but the carvings of Cyclopean landscapes are enough to chill the most seasoned of adventurers.For centuries it stood abandoned, the bridges connecting it to the escarpment rotten and gone. But Bhangi Khan’s men have built new bridges and started using the temple as their headquarters. Of course, living in the Pillars themselves is a privilege reserved for only the most elite of Bhangi Khan’s men. Because of the natural defensibility of the structure, Bhangi Khan has made no attempt to fortify the Pillars – no army could ever hope to take them by force. But where an army would fail, a small group of players could succeed. Bhangi Khan has gathered his strongest lieutenants at the Pillars, perhaps planning a great raid against the frontier city of Pin Pin.

Difficulty: 12/10
Mandatory Skill: Finely Honed Recommended Skills: Steadfast Faith, Resolve

First Boss encounter Edit

(you can skip this encounter if you dont want to try to kill them) This encounter contains 2 Bosses: Human Boss and wolf Boss

Human Boss, needs to be killed for reward.

Wolf Boss needs to be "controlled" while killing human Boss, since he is much harder with Human boss arround. He also has much more health.

Got multiple factors which needs to be taken care:

Encounter is easily done with 2 tanks. You should start by setting 4 traps in room where both bosses are. After that main tank pulls Human boss, off tank pulls Wolf boss. Lead the Human boss across the room back to the little bridge where the 2 carts are and tank him there, between carts.

Off tank should wait till wolf boss starts spawning small wolves. Behind first cart there is bush which you can get poisonous berries off. Berries are to be used on meat inside pen. Small wolves are lead there and they go for meat which kills them.

After the Human boss is killed, just tank and spank wolf.

Second Boss encounter Edit

Brass Mask:

As you approach the boss you should notice 3 archers above him and a little hideout on the left corner.

After you engage boss he will ocassionally run arround room to take a Heartseeker at random person in the party. Heartseeker hits fairly hard but after it he will return to the tank.

From time to time he will call out for help from 3 archers above him. At that point all should run and hide under hideout in the corner since archers above will be covering whole area with arrows. This lasts for a several seconds after which the boss will start casting Burning Arrow. Burning Arrow will ignite hideout and area arround it so as soon as you see boss casting it move out from it and go straigth for the boss.

Repeat this until boss is at 5%HP. At that point, he will run up to where archers are.

Go after him, kill the archers that run down toward you and nuke last 5% upstairs. You can kill the urns upstairs to stun the boss.

Third Boss encounter Edit

(Can be skipped)

After you engage him, boss will call 4 large bats to his aid. Each bat will give him one buff:

  • 1% heal every 2 sec
  • 25% dmg boost
  • -20% healing to all around him
  • 30% dmg deflection

You should gather all 4 bats arround boss and just AOE them down. After any of the bat is down to 30% he runs back to the tree to heal up. While the bat is on a tree (healing back himself) boss doesn't get any benefit from it. If there are no bats arround boss his health is going down fairly fast.

At 75%, 50% and 25% boss will charm one person and send him going off the cliff. That person needs to be hit by party else he will fall to his death. You need to take 10% of charmed person's health to remove the charm. After charm there will also be a swarm of minion bats but since you will be clustered back at boss they will die fast.

If you dont get the charmed person in time and he dies, he wont be able to get back into fight cause the vines you need to use to get to boss will be flooded by small bats and they will kill you before you can get to the top to rejoin fight.

Fourth Boss encounter Edit

Bhangi Khan:

Final Boss. Can be done in Trial of The Godslayer mode, in other words HM. (Hardmode=HM)

As you get to the final boss notice the 3 gongs arround the room and 2 adds(strategist and tactician) in front of boss.

Fight has 4 phases or stages:

1st phase (to start the boss):
In the room there is the Boss and two adds, Tactician (melee) and a Strategist(Mage) to the right, ignore the boss, and tank the two adds, and bring the Tactician over to the Strategist. Try to dps them down evenly because the boss becomes active when one of them dies.
2nd phase (gongs and adds):
Take the boss to the entrance and fight him there.
Soon, the boss will drop the fight and go to use one of the gongs. 2 things happen at this point:
1. Add(s) will be summoned at entrance. Since you are already there it should be fairly easy to pick up add and nuke him. Adds are random. Sometimes its shaman(s), sometimes ranger(s) and sometimes healer(s) or guard(s).
2. Boss will enrage and go for a random person. This lasts for ~10 seconds and should be kited arround room. After enrage runs off, boss will go for the tank again.
3rd phase (tank and spank boss):
After the gongs are destroyed there is no way for boss to summon adds so its tank'n'spank from that point.
4th phase (optional - HM phase):
At 25%HP boss will call for mercy. If you stop dps, HM is activated. Alternatively, no mercy = no HM.

Before you start the fight appoint 2 persons as gongbashers (both should be dpsers). After the boss uses gong, gongbashers should go and destroy the gong used. Destroy them in order the boss uses them. As faster the gongs go down, the easier the fight gets since there will be less adds.

Basically 2 persons on gongs, 1 person will kite the boss (cant be apointed, boss choses this one) and other 3 persons will take care of adds.

If you ignore gongs, then each time there will be more adds and soon you will be overun. If the boss goes for one of the gongbashers you can either have someone else fill on gong duty (easy if you use ts, vent, mumble), or simply leave the 1 person on gong and other one joins back after the boss stops enraging.

Alternative Normal Mode Strategy:

Instead of killing the gongs, just leave them up, and kill the adds that spawn at the entrence, then dps the boss down to 25%, and switch to adds when they spawn. Doing it this way you'll get fewer adds spawning, and is a optional way to do this part of the encounter for strong teams that can dps the boss down fast.

You still have to kite the boss when he's enraged after the gong, but once he's normal take him to the door and dps him.

Starting Godslayer Mode Edit

Do not damage the final boss when he begs for his life at 25%

Godslayer Mode Strategy Edit

When the boss reaches 25% he kneels down and begs for his life. Spare him to start Godslayer Mode. After a bit he will rise up and run off to one of the curtains. The Boss will then return as a wolf. Bring the boss to the center of the room and dps him down to 80%.

In Wolf form The boss has a few abilities you need to know about:

  • Shimmering Hair : Magic reflect shield, stop magic damage. (Boss skin turns white)
  • Hardened Hair: Melee reflect shield, Rogues must stop damage, while tanks can continue. (Boss skin is black)
  • Main Tank will recive a -healing wrack, remove it with Resolve.

When the boss reaches 80%(and on 60/40/20%) he runs off to a curtain again and disappear, take notice which one he goes to.

After that 8 Spritit wolves(Normal mobs, not elite) comes rushing to the team. Crowd Control them as much as possible and dps them down. Once they're dead the boss will reappear at the curtain he went into, but also 7 other fake bosses, so it's important to notice which is the real one.

Main Tank grabs the real boss and everyone DPS him down, while offtank takes the fake ones and kite them around the inner platform. Once you've taken 2-5% health off the real boss, the fake ones will disapear.

If you don't manage to select the correct boss, most of the fake bosses will disapear after a little while, but one fake boss and the real boss will remain. In this case, kite the real boss around the area, and kill the fake one. The fake one don't do much damage, and don't change colour.

After that just bring the boss down to 60%, and the adds will spawn again as on 80%, then to 40% and 20%.

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