Patch Notes 23rd May

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Playfields Edit

  • Characters should no longer get stuck when they zone into Lacheish Plains.

Items Edit

  • Nalla now has a more solid supply of items to sell.
  • [Potent Bittersharp] potion now again heals hitpoints instead of stamina

Mobs Edit

  • King Atzel have gotten a revamp. Buff spells have been redone he uses combos.
  • The patrols in Atzel's Fortress now respawn faster

Quests Edit

Crafting Edit

  • Recipes should no longer disappear when you get advanced skills.
  • Armorsmith crafting Tier 2 now shows second page of recipes.
  • The price Tamder mentions when players get gemcutting quests is now correct.
  • Resources gathered now end up in the correct inventory again if more than one player is gathering the same resource.

Spellweaving Edit

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