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The following are the Patch Notes for Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures : Update

Released on May 19, 2008

General Edit

  • Guildmembers should now be able again to deposit money in the guild bank.
  • Fixed some camera issues with Cassilda on the beach.
  • Fixed an issue causing the OOC chat channel to be inactive after teleports
  • It should be possible to resurrect properly in Epic Mode instances now.

Quests Edit

  • The Awakening II: Killing Renton should now more consistently update the quest
  • The Awakening II: You should no longer get stuck when talking to Renton during the "Make Renton Speak" quest.
  • The Awakening II: Renton now behaves correctly including not showing up in his home again after he has been killed.
  • Idogbe is now ready to give out a quest to players in Tortage.
  • Arias should no longer hide inside a big boulder on White Sands Isle (Night).
  • 'Tailored Task' now should require less camping on White Sands Isle.
  • 'Unholy Magic' quest in Acheronian Temple has been adjusted so the Elder Shaman will now spawn automatically after a certain time. The huts will still have to be destroyed to fulfill the quest though.
  • The Atzel Warders are now again updating the quest goals in various quests in the playfield Atzel's Approach.

NPC Edit

  • Tradepost NPC traders are now activated again
  • Cerdic the Food and Drinks seller has arrived on White Sands Isle (Day) now.
  • The merchant at the docks at Tortage (Night) has decided to now work at night anymore.
  • NPCs, who help players untrain feats, can now be found in all major cities.
  • Ciar the General Goods merchant has arrived in Conarch Village.
  • Merchant Waudreen should yet again sell armor in Conarch Village.

Player Character Edit

  • Advanced Riding can now be trained again correctly.
  • Dancing-state should now work correctly again.

Necromancer Edit

Ranger Edit

  • Tracking cooldown increased to 60 seconds.

Guardian Edit

  • The damage debuff obtained from later ranks of Vengeance is now a percentage-based debuff so it scales better.

Mages Edit

  • The absorb shields are now granted to Mages at level 5 already. Mages who are already higher than level 5 will get it the next time the gain a level.

Client/Server Edit

  • Several client asserts and crashes have been fixed.

Combat Edit

  • PvP: Attacking someone who is under the effect of 'Shield of the Risen' will now lead to severe damage to the attacker.

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